Port des Torrent beach

Typology: Creek of fine sand outside and sand and gravel inside, 100 meters long and 50 meters wide


Location: 6 kilometers from Sant Josep and 4,5 from Sant Antoni


Port des Torrent, named for being located at the mouth of a torrent, is a tourist beach, surrounded by hotels and shopping areas. Its shore is sandy and forms one of the most sheltered natural harbors on the island, so it has numerous boathouses in the rocky area facing the beach. It is usually quite busy. It has several bars and restaurants, hammock service and is linked to Sant Antoni through a boat service.


On the beach we can find 2 bars-bars with good value for money. The first, the CBbC is already found on another beach on the island of Ibiza, Cala Bassa. Where they serve drinks and cocktails and also snacks and meals to take in front of the holy sea in a hammock or a Balinese bed. It has shaded areas and a very modern and beautiful bar.

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Second, it would be the Deeva Casual Beach Site, also from the CBbc company. We can find on the beach a diving agency and water dives, for many years offering their services of scuba diving, immersion and water baptism. They have boats and professional teams to give a good service to the tourist. Highly recommended to live a different and enriching experience in Ibiza.


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White and fine sand beach. Perfect for families and groups of friends.


The beach of Port des Torrent is about 400 meters long horizontally to the sea. And about 40 meters wide. There is an SOS house, and a lifeguard tower. Normally between May and October there are relief personnel in the booth. If a jellyfish bites us or we have a problem at sea, they can help us. We have several large hotels around, such as Occidental Ibiza and Sirenis Seaview. Therefore, although it is not crowded much, it is not a desert beach.

The arrival of families at the beach is common, so it creates a good family atmosphere away from beaches with parties or loud music. Port des Torrent is a family beach with clean waters and very positive tourist services.

Also in iHouseibiza, we manage several tourist homes very close to the beach of Port des Torrent as Villa Sa Marinada. Perfect for families and groups of friends just 250 meters from the beach.