iHouseibiza cleaning protocol COVID19 Vacation rental agency

Although the issue of cleaning has always been our priority at all times, given this new situation of the Covid-19, we are adopting special and mandatory measures, implementing disinfection protocols in each of the rooms. 

As we know, it is necessary to be especially careful in disinfection and for you to have peace of mind, we want to tell you how we are going to carry out each cleaning.

There will be a special care in those points where it is usual to touch, which we will call "hot spots" such as plugs, door handles, controls, glass, etc. those places where we need to play repeatedly or on time.

-Cleaning plus disinfection with water + lye, and the disinfection products recommended by the US ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, and following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

Normally cleaning is the most important thing, now it will also be disinfection.

After regular cleaning, a disinfection of the "hot spots" and all common areas will be done.

-Spray water with diluted bleach.

-The cleaning will be complemented with an Ozone emitter.

-A margin will be left between the departure and the next entry of at least 24 hours. (In reservations made after March 14)

-We will provide protective material to cleaning staff, on a mandatory basis, such as masks and gloves and work clothes

-This staff is provided with clear directions as well as a protocol to follow.

-We always use disposable cleaning products, paper for surfaces and washes at temperatures of 60º.

-Bed linens and towels, as well as pillows and curtains are washed at 90º, at each exit, and in any case at the maximum temperature allowed by the fabric.

-Our garden and pool cleaning staff will have limited entry to the outside area of ​​the house; You can only access to make any necessary and essential repairs, agreeing with the guest the time, and with the mandatory protection measures.

-If it is necessary for cleaning the pool, the staff will use protective material.

-For long stays, and whenever you prefer, we will leave a change of sheets and towels so that you can make the change yourself. We ask that you put everything in closed bags and deposit it outside the house, so that we can collect it, at the agreed time, to be washed again for a new use.


-As far as possible, we will avoid direct contact, doing the entire entry process, and handing over the keys digitally. For this we give you a code for the first access to the house. Or in the case of having a special location, and if necessary, the contact of our reception staff will be as austere as possible, avoiding all contact with the guest.

-Also, all passport and contract registration is automated; you just have to fill it out before you get home.

At any time you can ask us for help the registration process. So when you get home, it's all over.

-Any type of pending payment that must be made before entry will also be made through a link that we have provided, being necessary to verify that everything is paid in advance.

But in the event that we need to use the POS to finalize any payment, we will always use means of protection.

EVERYTHING IS READY FOR YOU TO ENJOY. When the bridges return…. 

The sun and the heat are allies. The affection with which we do our work will make you feel like in your little paradise.