Formentera, together with some islands in the Canary archipelago, is the pioneer island to enter phase 1 of de-escalation of confinement.


Therefore, it remains a special and privileged place, which we cannot do without, especially this year 2020.


Its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, cleaner than ever, after this natural "purification" are inviting us to come now more than ever.


Ibiza and Formentera are this year, an alternative to national tourism, more than ever, since we will be able to enjoy its purity and tranquility as in the past.


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IBIZA, a world heritage site, was included by Unesco 20 years ago for its biodiversity and culture


Spain is one of the world members with the highest number of recognitions of this type by UNESCO, among others, thanks to destinations such as Eivissa.


We can find in Ibiza, the necessary relaxation and in addition to the beach and parties we can make rural, cultural or sports tourism holidays.




First of all, we have the ACROPOLIS of Dalr Vila, the urban area of ​​Ibiza, because you want to get lost and enjoy its alleys, and relive the history behind each of their monuments: the wall, the cathedral, the church and its bastions, etc.


In the old town of De la Villa, we can see the various cultures that passed: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Muslims and Catalans. The Dalt Vila is, according to UNESCO, the best preserved fortress in the Mediterranean, in addition to the neighborhoods of La Marina, Sa Penya and Es Soto.




The Posidonia oceanica natural park of the Ses Salines Natural Park, where the greatest marine diversity of the island inhabits, which is responsible for the crystal clear and pure waters that bathe the coasts of the Pitiusas islands, being a lung for the sea and the earth, emitting oxygen into the atmosphere, in greater quantity than that emitted by terrestrial forests.


The Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta, shows the first settlements that occurred on the island.


It is located in the town of San Josep de Sa


Talaia, in the south of the island. The Phoenicians settled around the 8th and 7th century B.C. And they came from the place known today as Lebanon.

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And Es Puig des Molins, which is a Phoenician-Punic necropolis and ancestral Ibiza cemetery, where the burials of the inhabitants of Sa Caleta were made. It has about 3,000 tombs excavated. This is a place of great archeology richness, where archaeological finds continue to be made constantly, such as ceramics and religious images, such as the bust of Tania, goddess of fertility, or a lead sarcophagus.


These four universal heritage properties make these Pitiusas islands a place for ISLANDS during this unique summer, with our friends and family, as a couple or individually.


We highly recommend that you spend a few days visiting Ibiza and Formentera this summer, if you still don't know the Pitiusas. Or that you come and repeat once more, and that you return to enjoy our sunsets, our Mediterranean cuisine, the local wine and the many leisure offers that we offer with much love and dedication for you.