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The beach of Cala Mastella opens with shallow waters, which increases many meters, which makes it an excellent place for children to swim quietly. The seabed is composed of plants, algae and large rock formations, to enjoy a very beautiful dive time, so we recommend Cala Mastella if you are passionate about diving.

Cala Mastella Restaurant (The Mustaches)


Another of the great attractions of this cove is the presence of the Cala Mastella restaurant, also known as ‘El Bigotes’. To get to the restaurant from the beach, you have to walk along a path on the rocks of just 50 meters, in which you will also take the opportunity to see the small bay in which Cala Mastella hides.

In front of the Los El BIGOTES Restaurant, there is a jetty, where we will see the typical llaüds, small Ibizan fishing boats, with which the restaurant is supplied with fish.


 The restaurant tables are located in this area, next to the sea, in a place to enjoy the beach and the surroundings.

This restaurant has a traditional origin. The owner of the restaurant is the one who fished first thing in the morning, for his own clients, and he depended on the bonanza for his fishing, which he could feed more or less clients.


So the quality and freshness of the fish is excellent.


This offer model is preserved, so there you can enjoy fresh fish and salads.