Cala Llenya beach

Today we want to take a tour of a very typical part of the east of the island, Cala Llenya

This cove of white sand, opens to the sea for just a hundred meters, with an access between the pine forest that reaches the beach, and is very wide, and allows us to lie down comfortably to enjoy the sun. Hammocks and volleyball courts are offered, since its wide sandy area allows the enjoyment of a good number of sports.


Cala Llenya is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a quiet day with friends and family. We can have a drink at the beach bar that we find as soon as we reach the beach, which we access through a walkway, and also, if we feel like it, we can have fresh fish.


We cannot forget to mention the Cala Llenya street market, which is held every Sunday. In it we can find anything, since in this second-hand market it is the neighbors who sell their items


Near the west coast of the island of Ibiza, before reaching Cal Llenya beach, every Sunday morning we find one of the most charming markets on the island: the Cala Llenya trail. Although markets are tradition on the island, (let's look at the large number of markets that we have on the island of Ibiza), the Cala Llenya trail has something special. It still maintains an intact hippie spirit but with a totally different environment from the best known and commercial markets, such as Las Dalias or Es Canar, one of its peers being held on Saturdays in Sant Jordi.


The Cala Llenya market is one of the favorites of the Ibiza people, because most of the products offered are original, second-hand or artisanal, The Cala Llenya market is one of the favorites of the Ibiza people, because most of the products that we find are original, handmade or second hand. In addition, the prices are usually more than interesting, since it is not a market oriented to tourism, rather to local people.


It is celebrated every Sunday if the weather is good, as it is mostly outdoors. Being the best time to enjoy its special atmosphere, spring or autumn, we can also enjoy live music, while having an aperitif, some beers or eating something at the restaurant in Cala Llenya.