Cala des Porroig

Typology: Creek with outdoor docks and stones inside, 150 meters long and 15 wide


Location: 8 kilometers from Sant Josep


It is worth it to reach Porroig Bay, because it is one of the places where you will rarely find tourists. To bathe, go down to the varadero booths and, if there are no owners, extend the towel in front of them and enjoy a landscape of unusual beauty and crystal clear waters. Although the bottom is rocky, a good part is fine gravel, so you can enter the sea without complications.


It is better to visit the cove during the week, since on the weekends it concentrates a good part of the owners of the booths and is much busier. It has no beach bar. In the same bay there are several small recesses, with very nice tiny creeks, with similar gravel bottoms. To reach them, you have to explore and walk along small paths close to the sea.


How to get?

To get to Porroig, from Sant Josep, you have to take the road to Eivissa. After about 3 km., In the middle of a bend, on the right, you will see the Porroig road. Follow it to the end and they will reach the cove.